Mold Remediation, Done Right!

Service is what sets Basement Detective apart from the competition.

For over a decade now, Basement Detective has been providing award winning mold remediation and mold inspections. Do you know what’s causing the problem and can’t find the source of the leak? You definitely want to give us a call. We have proven year after year that we can find almost any leak. We are simple leak detection masters. It is a main reason we are called Basement Detective.

Our Process
First, if you feel you do have a mold growth or infestation problem, try no to disturb the area too much. If disturbed, mold is easily spread to other areas.

Second, Call Basement Detective right away and one of our friendly and very knowledgeable staff will schedule a technician to come inspect your problem. We can often have one of our pros out within just a few hours.

Third, relax knowing the problem is on the way to being solved. Our technicians will carefully inspect your situation and determine a course of action to get your home back to a normal state of health.

Fourth, share your experiences with your family and friends. We have worked hard to maintain such a wonderful customer service record and the way we have done it is by taking care of our EXCELLENT CUSTOMERS!! 

For customers out of our service area ask about our Video Mold Inspections. 
Our service areas are: 
The top half of Virginia from Roanoke, Lynchburg and Richmond / Petersburg area northward and the entire state of Maryland west of Salisbury. We look forward to serving you!