Mold Remediation, Done Right!


Basement Detective built its reputation on leak detection. It is the backbone of what makes us so popular. 

Most property owners call us because they have a problem that no one else can fix. Quite often, it is a problem no one else can find! Sadly, this does not stop other contractors from still ‘giving it a go,’ Leaving the homeowners with the same problem months or years later and a whole other set of expenses to deal with. We see this continually. It is frustrating, but it keeps our kids in shoes. 

Finding the source of water leaks and/or severe enough moisture or condensation problems is the first step to creating a solution that will have a lasting effect. We have found and solved leaks in: basement walls and floors ( a common problem area), bathrooms, doors, windows, closets, kitchen appliances and plumbing leaks (actually many plumbing failures and actual plumbing nightmares), roof leaks, gutter leaks, deck flashing problems from bad installation, pool leaks, failed sump pumps, dog and cat pee (don’t laugh – it happens often, and we still love our furry friends), broken door drains, old plumbing connections not entirely disconnected, hose bibs, spigots, and many more. We’ve seen it all. 

It is a well-know fact that uncontrolled moisture or leaks in a home can lead to mold and/or mildew problems. Needless to say, we are masters of mold remediation and have performed thousands of successful mold inspections. If you need these services and you need them done right, call us.

If you have a hard to find leak or a persistent mold or moisture problem, give us a call and one of our friendly staff will gladly get you on the right road to repair. 

We are here to help!