Mold Remediation, Done Right!


Why call Basement Detective for your mold inspection? It’s how we earned our name! 

We approach every mold inspection with diligence and great care. And while we are never alarmists, we put careful thought and consideration into planning a reliable and affordable outline for repair. We truly care for the health and safety of the homes and businesses we inspect and work in. Much in the way a good cobbler likes to see a nice pair of shoes, we also like to see the job done right. It’s just nice to see a thing done right. 

Successful mold remediation work, especially when a home is being sold or when new remodeling work is being planned, is entirely reliant on an intelligent mold inspection. It takes a highly experienced person to know what factors and what conditions will either create mold growth and/or sustain its growth. Often the causes are not what ends up sustaining the growth. As one of our techs always say, correlation is not causation.

In short, it takes many years of seeing various growth and culture situations before one can approach an inspection and really outline an intelligent and reliable plan for repair. 

If you truly want the best experience possible, give us a call and we will get you on the high road to getting fixed!